A FREE 4-part virtual class to help you find, attract, hire and retain the RIGHT talent in a competitive labor market!
August 9, 16, 23, 30 at 11 am est


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Aug. 9: Effective Strategies for Talent Acquisition & Retention!

  • How to tackle talent challenges in today’s competitive labor market.
  • How to build a compelling employer brand that attracts the talent you want.
  • How to implement a targeted recruiting strategy.
  • How to create a raving candidate experience.
  • How to structure equitable & competitive compensation packages.
  • The #1 way to foster a positive work environment and retention strategies!
  • And more!

Aug. 16: Navigating the Multi-Generational Workplace!

  • How to be an effective leader and handle the multi-generational landscape while bridging generational gaps!
  • The 3 tactics you must implement to foster communication and collaboration.
  • How to adapt your leadership style and create a culture of respect!
  • How to foster teamwork and recognition initiatives.
  • And more!

Aug. 23: Change Leadership for CEO's & Business Owners!

  • How the evolving business landscape inspires the need for change.
  • How to create a compelling vision that inspires and motivates change.
  • The way to communicate and engage with employees effectively and consistently.
  • How to empower and enable employees for the change process.
  • The 3 ways to manage employee resistance and overcome challenges.
  • The way to ensure success by embedding and sustaining change.
  • And more!

Aug. 30: Developing a Strong Company Culture & Employee Engagement!

  • The power and impact of company culture.
  • How to clearly define core values and purpose to guide the organization.
  • The way to foster a positive work environment and promote employee well-being.
  • How to support continuous learning and development to encourage employees to expand their skills.
  • How to empower and delegate authority and promote a sense of purpose and meaning for employees.
  • How to measure and act on employee feedback.
  • And more

Workshop Speakers

Meet Your Expert Mike O'Neill

For over 30 years, Mike has helped both small & Fortune 500 companies discover the root causes of the people-problems that were slowing their company’s growth. He has found that the best solutions result from Executive Coaching, People Skills Training, and Improved Strategy Execution.

Before launching Bench Builders, Mike held senior HR roles at Shaw and Mohawk, both Fortune 500 companies.

Mike is a Certified Executive Coach. He holds a B.S., in Psychology from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and an M.Ed., in Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt University. He is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Certified Compensation Professional (CCP). He is also certified to administer and facilitate DiSC® Profile Workshops and Assessments. Mike also serves as the President of the International Business Council.

Mike loves everything about his work, but he’s most excited about finding the right combination of proven strategies & creative solutions to help CEO’s create thriving companies.

Meet Your Host Ken P.

Ken Paskins, Founder of GCE Strategic Consulting and The Shift Spot™, is an accomplished CEO / COO and Executive Coach. He brings a broad range of leadership experience, including operations, sales, acquisitions, strategic planning, and P&L management (up to $500M) while leading teams north of 400 people across North America and Europe for Fortune 100 companies such as Oracle.

Raised in Noblesville, Indiana, and a graduate of Purdue University, Ken grew up in a “hope and pray” entrepreneurial family--meaning that his family lived in either a boom or bust state depending on which idea “made it” and which one ended up with the lights being turned off.
He watched his father and grandfather try to make businesses work while learning on the job, and not having the experience needed to truly know how to run a successful business, so he decided there had to be a better way and worked his way up the corporate ladder learning the skills needed to run a business the right way.

Over the course of 3 decades, Ken has utilized his skills and experiences and is known as a “hired gun” or fractional COO, helping companies from pre-revenue to $50M. His clients include HVAC, accounting firms, legal practices, software companies, etc. Additionally, he has experience in PE, VC (including Sequoia) and M&A. One of his most notable accomplishments included closing a $40M+ software deal days after the tragedy of 9/11. He has leveraged his 30-year knowledge base to be able to help other business owners to work on the business instead of in the business at The Shift Spot™.

Ken is blessed with three beautiful daughters and is getting married to his partner in business and in life Winter Baserva. For fun, he enjoys biking, boating, running, or anything outdoors. Ken is also an avid chef who refuses to use recipes.

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What Others Have to Say...


Mike is the real deal. He helped me mentally prepare for the difficult conversation I needed to have to sever a business relationship with a long-time contact. I was supported in advance of the conversation as he helped me to consider all the angles, how to avoid burning a bridge, and I felt well prepared to make a graceful exit. On the day it took place, Mike even called to check in on me. We haven’t been working together for very long, yet I already feel completely supported and like I have a coach who has got my back. I’m looking forward to carrying on with his insightful approach to helping me get “unstuck”.



As an owner, it can be lonely at the top. The biggest thing I learned at The Shift Spot is that while I may be the owner, the weight of the world doesn’t have to be on my shoulders and I don’t have to do this alone.

I am taking the right actions now to fully empower (or replace) my team. If you are running a company in any capacity and are sick of going at it alone, this is the place for you.



Where is the event?

This is a 100% virtual event that you can attend from the comfort of your own home. Simply register and the event link will be emailed to you.

Do I need to attend all 5 events?

NO. Come for 1, or come for all. This is NOT buildable content. Each week is independent of one another and it doesn't matter how many events you attend, you will receive MASSIVE value that will help you grow your business in ANY market!

How do I sign up?

Reserve your spot here.

What is the format of the event?

This is a relaxed LIVE event and the information will be presented similar to a fireside chat between our guest expert speaker and host. As the attendee will be able to ask questions and possibly have the opportunity to get put in the "hot seat" to get 1-on-1 real-time advice and guidance.

What's the cost?

This event is hosted and sponsored by The Shift Spot™ and is 100% FREE for these 4 events ONLY. We promise there will be no slimy, salesy stuff. Just good ol' fashion VALUE!

What's the catch?

There is NO CATCH. The Shift Spot™ is launching our community to the public and opening our doors into how we support business owners. We are a CEO coaching and peer advisory community and the place where business owners go to make radical shifts in business and in life!

We provide to our trusted and loved members 144 online events (similar to this one), along with accountability, a full GAP analysis and so much more. We are officially open for business and allowing a sneak peak into what our members get every day as a member of
The Shift Spot™.

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How can I reach the experts if I want more information?

To reach Mike O'Neill, contact him here!

To reach Ken Paskins, contact him here!