Our Story.

Ken, growing up with a Midwest work ethic, started working in the corn fields of Indiana at 8 years old.

He grew up with 2 generations of “want-to-be entrepreneurs” and saw a lot of boom or bust and a LOT of burnout from not understanding what makes a business work. Ken did the opposite.

After several decades of running teams of 400+ people, companies with a PNL of a half billion dollars, closing a $40M software deal just days after 9/11, and working as a consultant for business owners, he saw trends in what prevented their ability to scale. His purpose is to help owners finally solve the core problems they are shackled with, so they can get the freedom and balance they deserve.

And, for Winter, she was taught by her single Mom that if you “go to college and get a good job with health insurance, you would be successful.”

Watching her Mom constantly struggle, she went to college so she could be "successful." She then spent years climbing the corporate ladder only to be unfulfilled. Her "success" came when she started her own real estate company during the worst time in American History since the Great Depression….and despite everyone telling her, "she would fail", became incredibly successful and internationally recognized on CNN, HGTV’s House Hunters, Interior Design & others.

After 23 years in sales & marketing and dealing with high-net-worth individuals and executives selling nearly a quarter billion in products to them, along with studying psychology of how this type of individual makes decisions, she discovered a better way for them to achieve their goals in less time.

Ken & Winter’s combined experience created The Shift Spot™, a place where we help CEO's & Owners fix their leadership teams.

Ken Paskins

Ken Paskins, Founder of GCE Strategic Consulting and The Shift Spot™, is an accomplished CEO / COO and Executive Coach. He brings a broad range of leadership experience, including operations, sales, acquisitions, strategic planning, and P&L management (up to $500M) while leading teams north of 400 people across North America and Europe for Fortune 100 companies such as Oracle.

Raised in Noblesville, Indiana, and a graduate of Purdue University, Ken grew up in an “hope and pray” entrepreneurial family--meaning that his family lived in either a boom or bust state depending on which idea “made it” and which one ended up with the lights being turned off.

He watched his father and grandfather try to make businesses work while learning on the job, and not having the experience needed to truly know how to run a successful business, so he decided there had to be a better way and worked his way up the corporate ladder learning the skills needed to run a business the right way.

Over the course of 3 decades, Ken has utilized his skills and experiences and is known as a “hired gun” or fractional COO, helping companies from pre-revenue to $50M. His clients include HVAC, accounting firms, legal practices, software companies, etc. Additionally, he has experience in PE, VC (including Sequoia) and M&A. One of his most notable accomplishments included closing a $40M+ software deal days after the tragedy of 9/11. He has leveraged his 30-year knowledge base to be able to help other business owners to work on the business instead of in the business at The Shift Spot™.

Ken is blessed with three beautiful daughters and married to his partner in business and in life Winter. For fun, he enjoys biking, boating, running, or anything outdoors. Ken is also an avid chef who refuses to use recipes.

Winter Baserva

Winter Baserva has spent the past 23 years developing and executing extensive marketing, public relations, communications, and sales campaigns for companies such as the Miami Art Museum, Miami Children’s Museum & Real Estate Firms.

As the CEO & Founder of Seasons Realty Group, her strategic sales and consulting skills have not only placed her as the #1 highest-performing broker for nearly 2 decades but have also garnered attention from Interior Design, Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, HGTV’s House Hunters, CNN & more!

Having developed a life-long passion for peak performance and business strategy specialized in pivoting for success in any market, Winter has been at the forefront of the key trends impacting the lives of a new generation of modern leaders and the psychology behind people, relationships and brand trust.

She was raised in Atlanta, has a sister named Summer and a cousin named Autumn 🤣! She graduated from FSU (when their football team was good).

Tucker, DIC

Tucker is the head dog-in-charge managing the day-to-day operations for The Shift Spot™.

He's passionate about food, balls, naps, TREATS, long walks, hikes, and MORE FOOD!