Strategic Growth Starts with
Empowered Leadership.

The Shift Spot Accelerator Program provides a transformative 8-week experience tailored for mid-level managers and leaders and benefits CEOs by empowering their leadership teams with advanced skills and insights, enabling them to enhance their leadership abilities, boost performance, and make a substantial impact on their organization's success.

This accelerator is not just a program; it's a fast pass journey toward mastering business fundamentals most leaders and managers don't know.

How We Get Results.

Members receive live group coaching sessions with world-renowned leadership experts to solve problems, master best practices, and create ideas that actually move the needle and can be deployed immediately in the business.  

  • 8 live group coaching sessions with renowned leadership experts

In just 8 short weeks, your leaders will walk away with practical (and actionable) tools and 6 customized templates catered specifically to your business to get you out of the day-to-day.  

  • Customized Shiftmaker scorecard
  • Talent blueprint to master the art of how to interview and hire with confidence
  • Customized template for one-on-one meetings
  • Customized template for group meetings
  • Communications cadence for your department
  • Six Sigma problem solving template

Your leaders will have access to our leaders circle community to continue to foster continuous growth with other leaders and managers from all over the country, so they don’t have to go at it alone. 


  • BONUS: Skin in the game accountability partner to keep your leader on track.
  • BONUS: Virtual office hours for developmental support.
  • BONUS: Access to book vault built for leaders and managers.

Six proven steps to higher revenue, less chaos and more freedom.

✅ Meetings That Matter

  • How to create effective one-on-one meetings with your direct reports that drive accountability.
  • How to lead productive group meetings to enhance engagement, facilitate collective learning and address challenges as a team. 
  • Learn valuable coaching techniques, including expectation setting, so that you are never disappointed again.  

✅ The Shiftmaker Scorecard

  • Develop a scorecard that truly drives impact and results!
  • Even if you already have a scorecard, you’ll transform your existing scorecard into a powerful tool. By developing impactful KPI’s with an emphasis on leading indicators, and offering a strategic edge, you’ll be able to proactively identify, predict and address challenges in advance. 

✅ Communications Cadence

  • Unlock the secret to a unified team. Learn how to develop a communications cadence to synchronize your team's efforts with effective, streamlined communication, so everyone is rowing in the same direction.

✅ Talent Blueprint

  • Master the art of how to interview, create an interviewing strategy and hire with confidence so that you can retain the right talent (and have fun doing it). 

✅ Fast, Informed Decisions

  • Learn how to build a business-need case. You’ll create an executive summary, project overview, schedule, impact, and risk cost assessment to help explain a business need and equip the CEO with the insights and data to make an informed decision. 

✅ Solve the Root Cause of Problems! 

  • Master the Six Sigma approach to uncover and address the root cause of issues so you can solve big problems for your company. 

Shift Spot Accelerator

All the goodies above, but for only a fraction of the cost!

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Member Benefits
The Shift Spot Experience


You know it's important to invest in the growth and development of your management team. Now they get the education they need so that your people can work IN the business and you can work ON the business.


You’ll build momentum and see shift happen with major wins as each step gets deployed in your business.


Our plan has been proven in business across all verticals. This isn’t “advice” or a “nice to have”, it's a must-know foundation and fundamental shift in how your business operates with a clear system and process that works.


We’re certified in RESULTS. Our world-class experts are not only experienced, but have a proven track record and can teach your leaders best practices in the core areas you need to shift your business.


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