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August 2023
Winning The Talent Game


Effective Strategies for Talent Acquisition & Retention - COMPLETED

  • How to tackle talent challenges in today’s competitive labor market.
  • How to build a compelling employer brand that attracts the talent you want.
  • How to implement a targeted recruiting strategy.
  • How to create a raving candidate experience.
  • How to structure equitable & competitive compensation packages.
  • The #1 way to foster a positive work environment and retention strategies!
  • And more!


Leading Across Generations: Navigating the Multi-Generational Workplace - COMPLETED

  • How to be an effective leader and handle the multi-generational landscape while bridging generational gaps!
  • The 3 tactics you must implement to foster communication and collaboration.
  • How to adapt your leadership style and create a culture of respect!
  • How to foster teamwork and recognition initiatives.
  • And more!


Change Leadership: Essential Skills for CEO's & Business Owners! COMPLETED

  • How the evolving business landscape inspires the need for change.
  • How to create a compelling vision that inspires and motivates change.
  • The way to communicate and engage with employees effectively and consistently.
  • How to empower and enable employees for the change process.
  • The 3 ways to manage employee resistance and overcome challenges.
  • The way to ensure success by embedding and sustaining change.
  • And more!


Developing a Strong Company Culture & Promoting Employee Engagement! COMPLETED

  • The power and impact of company culture.
  • How to clearly define core values and purpose to guide the organization.
  • The way to foster a positive work environment and promote employee well-being.
  • How to support continuous learning and development to encourage employees to expand their skills.
  • How to empower and delegate authority and promote a sense of purpose and meaning for employees.
  • How to measure and act on employee feedback.
  • And more!


A Blueprint for Explosive Business Growth in Uncertain Times- COMPLETED

  • Why more millionaires were made during down markets than any other time in American History.
  • The worst time to stop investing in marketing and what to do instead. 
  • How to speak your customer’s language, even if they don’t know who you are yet. 
  • Customer segmentation: the quickest way to right-sizing your profits.
  • How to develop a winning marketing mindset and to master the art of marketing!


Why Marketing is so %*#$% Hard! - COMPLETED

  • Learn the #1 tool and core element you need in your business strategy.
  • Discover what marketing really is, by understanding what marketing is not (HINT: It's not sales, and it’s not an ad campaign)!
  • The top marketing myths that crush your ability to scale every single time. 
  • Why neglecting marketing (and giving it to your “marketing team”) as a CEO is a risky move and what you should do instead. 
  • Stop doing Random Acts of Marketing: the simple trick to eliminate wasted money and frustration.


Leverage The Growth Gears to Leapfrog the Competition! - COMPLETED

  • Uncover the “what, how and why” of marketing and execute accordingly. 
  • What’s your Value Proposition? If you don’t know it, neither do your customers.  
  • Learn the difference between “Big M” marketing and “little m” marketing, and how to leverage both!
  • Should you outsource anything that’s not in your genius zone? Maybe, but you still need to understand it.


How to Thrive (Not Survive) in the Digital Era! - COMPLETED

  • The single most important skill set that is more powerful than AI.
  • How to leverage AI for marketing in today’s business world. 
  • The marketing technology tools you need to thrive!
  • What is a marketing tech stack and how to create the right one for your brand. 
  • Content is King: Create content that your audience loves (and engages with!) to build a strong brand.


Uncover the Power of Your Brand to Drive Growth - COMPLETED

  • How to brand in a way that is authentic to you and aligns with your vision (and pocketbook). 
  • Why mission statements are out and your big purpose is in. 
  • How to create an “employer brand” in today’s economy to attract, hire and retain the BEST talent in a tight labor market. 
  • The fastest way to become a powerful brand.

APRIL 2023
Shift Your Operations to Get the Results You Expect & Deserve


The Balance Between Authority & Responsibility! - COMPLETED

  • The true definition of accountability and why it matters.
  • How to measure and monitor to drive accountability.
  • How to give your staff the authority to execute, and take responsibility the way you want to see it done.
  • Q&A on overall principles of accountability.


You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure! - COMPLETED

  • How to create an environment that drives clear expectations for your staff.
  • Best practices to build and use KPI’s along with OKR’s!
  • The 5 basic rules you need to know about KPI’s!
  • Qualitative vs Qualitative – why numbers matter!
  • Q&A on driving accountability through score cards.


How to Structure the Organization to Manage by Accountability and Results! COMPLETED

  • The most effective and efficient organizational structure.
  • How different measurements are tied to specific roles.
  • KPI’s by level: high numbers at the executive level, granular numbers, and the execution level.
  • Q&A on how to structure the organization to manage by accountability and results.


Elevate and Delegate-The Keys to Advancement! COMPLETED

  • How to define clear metrics and goals per job description and tie it to reviews and employee feedback.
  • Using metrics to delegate and have the right staff in the right roles.
  • Q&A on how to become the leader you’ve always wanted using metrics.

MARCH 2023
Uncovering the “Secret Strategy” to Lead with Strength!


Learn how to clone yourself so you’re not doing it alone! - COMPLETED

  • Why doing it “all on your own” causes you and your business to suffer even though you think no one can do it as good as you!
  • How to empower your team and leverage your people to execute your vision the way you want it done!
  • Actionable exercise to not only “talk” about delegating, but to help move the needle on making it a reality!
  • Q&A on how to clone yourself.


Proaction: Leadership Planning - How to plan without overplanning! -COMPLETED

  • The importance of proaction in your workforce!
  • The traits of a proactive leader.
  • Overplanning vs. underplanning.
  • How to cultivate a culture of proaction.
  • Q&A on leadership planning.


Leadership Gap Analysis: Identifying Leadership Limitations! - COMPLETED

  • What is a leadership gap?
  • Lack of mastery of leadership competencies.
  • Lack of focus on the necessary skills to become a great leader!
  • Outdated ideas about leadership!
  • Actionable exercise: Leadership GAP Analysis & Your Team.
  • Q&A on leadership limitations!


Aspiration: Become the Leader You've Always Wanted to Be! - COMPLETED

  • How would increasing your leadership skills affect your personal and professional life?
  • Qualities common to great leaders!
  • What is your strategy for enhancing your leadership skills?
  • What great leaders of the past do you find interesting?
  • Actionable exercise: Become the Leader You've Always Wanted to Be Worksheet
  • Q&A on how to become the leader you’ve always wanted!

February 2023
How to exceed your revenue goals through sales and marketing!


Revenue Enablement - The Customer Lifecycle! - COMPLETED

  • What is the customer lifecycle and why it matters.
  • How to identify the exact target market for your product or services.
  • Discover your ideal customer profile so you are spending your marketing dollars efficiently.
  • What are the buyer personas and how to sell to them.
  • How to structure your internal team to attack these markets.
  • Q&A on all things Revenue Enablement


Marketing: Lead Generation! - COMPLETED

  • How to create inbound, outbound, omnichannel lead generation programs.
  • Why lead qualification by MQL & SQL matters.
  • The simple trick to creating engaging content.
  • How to leverage people and technology to achieve your lead generation goals.
  • Q&A on all things lead generation


Driving net new revenue! - COMPLETED

  • The best way to create a sales process.
  • What technology you should use to manage your sales process.
  • Discover the right resource coverage for your sales process.
  • Q&A on all Driving New Net Revenue


Driving Success Leading and Managing Sales and Marketing Teams! - COMPLETED

  • The best way to lead and manage a team to drive revenue.
  • How to hire, assess and onboard the RIGHT people for your revenue team.
  • Discover compensation structure to drive results.
  • How to measure KPI’s and success of your teams.
  • Q&A on all things leading and managing sales and marketing teams.

January 2023
All Things Human Capital!


Culture Cadence - COMPLETED

  • Why culture cadence matters?
  • How to leverage your people to execute your vision the way you want it done. 
  • The anatomy of an effective meeting structure that supports the culture you want and how to build it.
  • How to utilize a culture cadence to promote co-operation and innovation.
  • Why culture cadence leads to a great place to work.
  • Q&A on all things culture cadence.


How you can make better and faster hiring decisions through HR Technology- COMPLETED

  • What HR technology do you need and why?
  • How to get actionable workforce analytics at your fingertips through HR technology.
  • How to avoid risk and costly mistakes through HR technology.
  • How to streamline your onboarding through HR technology.
  • Q&A on all things HR technology.


Need GOOD people??? How to hire the RIGHT people in a competitive labor market - COMPLETED

  • How to be the magnet for the RIGHT people, not just any people.
  • The #1 (and most important) thing you need to know to keep good people.
  • Employment trends that will dominate in 2023.
  • How to interview, recruit and attract good people.
  • How to reward and compensate employees the way THEY want without breaking the bank in the new work world.
  • How to empower your employees to execute your vision, the way YOU want.
  • The #1 way to increase employee engagement.
  • Q&A on all things related to employees and people.


First Impressions Matter! Why Onboarding is SO Important - COMPLETED

  • How to get your employees productive….FASTER!
  • Why is it your fault your new employee’s suck!
  • Fatal mistakes made in the onboarding process and how to avoid them.
  • How to onboard with today’s remote workforce.
  • How to create a sense of community with the right onboarding process.
  • Q&A on all things onboarding. 


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