An Entrepreneur's Guide To Overcoming Burnout In Business


It's a tale as old as time. An entrepreneur excitedly and passionately starts a business. While building from the ground up, the founder takes on many roles and begins to hit the ground running. Because the company is in its infancy, the entrepreneur takes on multiple roles.

Eventually, the company grows and can afford to hire. Building a team was always the goal but loosening the grip on the many hats you've worn to nurture the company into what it is today isn't as easy as you thought it would be. Now you are the founder of a much larger, more reputable company and have even more responsibility. You're having difficulty delegating and finding it easier to take on tasks yourself. You know you need to let others take the reigns, but you're not sure you're ready to or how to transition these tasks smoothly.

The climb to success can also be the perfect equation for burnout in business.


WebMD defines burnout as "a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped. It results from excessive and prolonged emotional, physical, and mental stress." 

In today's hustle culture, we're made to believe that feeling burnt out is a sign of success. But, in reality, experiencing burnout in business can negatively affect many aspects of your professional and personal life. Getting to a place of burnout in business can hinder your success.

If you're feeling burnt out, it is time to make a shift.


When you're living in a constant state of stress, things around you can change for the worse. For example, when it comes to your business, you will see signs of a lack of productivity, missed deadlines, irritability, or poor communication. You may even start to notice tasks you were once excited about or felt motivated to complete now feel daunting and impossible. When you're experiencing burnout in business, it's easy to make little mistakes that can affect the big picture. 

On an organizational level, if the company's leader feels burnt out with missed deadlines, too many tasks, and disorganization, it can trickle down to other existing departments. Employees experiencing burnout can be costly and create an unhealthy environment. Burnout in business is one of the leading causes of employees seeking other jobs. In addition, hiring and training new people can be timely and expensive.

Burnout in business can put out the fire you had when building your company and leave you feeling unmotivated and lacking passion.


Lack of Productivity
Tasks can easily be forgotten or seem daunting when you have burnout. Feeling unmotivated to get tasks done or unable to get to them can cause a ripple effect that reaches many different parts of your company. Productivity slows down.

Easily Irritated

You feel the world's weight on your shoulders, and things that never usually bother you now cause a reaction. Because of this, your professional relationships are suffering and causing internal communication interruptions.

Chronic Exhaustion

Your mind is constantly in a state of fight or flight, which wears on you physically. No matter how much sleep you get at night (or how little), you are constantly exhausted, affecting decision-making and focus.


With so much on your plate, it's hard to remember every detail or task. Critical deliverables are slipping through the cracks, and the quality of your work is no longer something you're proud of.

Poor Decision-Making

Not being able to think clearly or logically will ultimately lead to poor decision-making. Not having a clear, rested mind can lead to mistakes in decision-making.


Increase Accountability

Delegating can be hard when you're used to completing and spearheading tasks and initiatives. It's time to pass the baton and trust the employees you've hired with some tasks that keep you from being more productive. Allowing others to be accountable for action items is one way to lessen your burden.

Set Clear Boundaries With Work

In today's work-from-home culture, it can be challenging to work specific hours and walk away. Even working in an office, it can be hard to shut the lights off and go home when you have a long to-do list. Therefore, setting boundaries and sticking to them when working is essential. Set a non-negotiable time each day that you will log off or shut the lights off and go home. It is crucial for your mental well-being and the well-being of the business.

Set A Realistic And Balanced Routine

If you know going for a run before you begin work makes you happy – DO IT! If you know you need the weekends to recharge and be with your family – DO IT! Setting and sticking to realistic routines and rituals and running a successful business is possible.

Reconnect With Your Passions

All work, no play is a recipe for disaster. While your business may be your biggest passion, you still have room for other passions that bring you joy. Participate in those hobbies frequently. It is easier to pour into your business if you are filling your own cup. You won't resent your business and will find it easier to keep that passion and drive.

Keep Yourself Active

Get up and move around. Staying active can be in the form of getting outside for short walks during your workday or just setting a timer on your phone to stand up and stretch every 20 minutes. Your physical and mental well-being will improve if you step away and move. Everything will be as you left it when you return.

Seek Out Support

If you find you are getting burnt out or are beginning to see characteristics of burnout showing up in your work, it's time to seek support. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Whether you want to discuss with colleagues who can take on and complete tasks you can't get to or want to vent to a friend or family member, asking for help is one of the best tools to overcome burnout.


It's easy to fall into an unhealthy cycle of burnout in business, especially when you're running a company. It's important to lean on resources for support when you feel like you've taken on too much and shift your focus on making yourself feel better. Everything around you benefits from doing so. The Shift Spot is here to offer you resources and support to get you back to that original vision – doing something you're passionate about while living the life you've dreamed about. So let's chat and make a shift away from burnout.