Feeling stuck in any area of your life can be frustrating and demotivating, but feeling stuck in your business can be detrimental to your company's health. You may know it's time for your business to step it up a notch, but you just aren't sure how to get there. Maybe you've run a successful company for years and know it's time to take it a bit further, or maybe your business is just getting off the ground, but, as the CEO, you feel you and the company would benefit from a supportive, outside resource. 


Executive coaching allows an unbiased professional to come in and evaluate what your company is doing and how it can do things differently and more effectively. Executive coaches are trusted advisors whose primary goal is to support the leader of an organization in realizing their strengths and weaknesses to better catapult the business into more tremendous success.


Types Of Coaching 

There are a plethora of coaching options in the business world and beyond, but it's crucial to find which type of coach will best suit your needs as a leader.

Career Coaching

A career coach is a guide for employees looking to change careers. Often their support comes in the form of aiding in interviewing, resume creation, and professional development.

Leadership Coaching

As we know, just 10% of the population are natural leaders, so leadership coaching can often help build confidence for a person in a leadership/management role. The leadership coach helps an individual build leadership skills to lead a team/company effectively.

Performance Coaching

Now and then, an organization needs support to improve performance. A performance coach can come in and evaluate how tasks are being done, time management, goal setting, etc., and guide employees on how to improve. This coach can come in and work with any employee regardless of title.

Because there are so many coaching options, business leaders can find which best suits their needs. However, it's essential to have a vigorous vetting process to ensure the coach you bring in is experienced, has expert knowledge of your industry, and can work well alongside your team.


There are plenty of benefits to bringing on an executive coach. Having a trusted advisor to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, and help make decisions are just a few. Here are some additional benefits to bringing in an executive coach:

 Identifies Blind Spots And Strengths

When you're close to a project or a business, it can be hard to see exactly what needs to be changed. Identifying your strength and weakness is part of an executive coach's job. They can come into your business and use their expertise to evaluate what your business can do better and what it is thriving in.

Faster Goal Achievement

An executive coach will skyrocket efficiency and effectiveness with your business and leadership. Having a coach dedicated to weeding out what is wasting valuable time and how to complete action items efficiently means you will meet your goals much quicker. An executive coach can boost productivity and focus.

Unbiased Feedback

Because an executive coach is hired and not an internal team member or someone already on the leadership team, your coach can give you unemotional, factual feedback about the company and what it needs to do to improve.

Improves Self-Awareness

Taking a step back and evaluating your performance or role in the company will significantly improve your leadership abilities. Gaining self-awareness through an executive coach will allow you to be the best leader and asset to your company.

Better Social Skills

Your team is essential, and how you communicate with them can set the tone for culture, productivity, and overall efficiency. An executive coach can help develop your social skills with your team and help leaders understand the best way to communicate their needs.

Helps You Stay Accountable

An executive coach will keep you accountable. As a CEO, the day-to-day can get muddy with a lot on your plate and being pulled in many different directions. An executive coach will force your focus where it needs to be and ensure your efforts are spent in the right areas.

Now that you've learned a bit more about the benefits of executive coaching, can you see yourself or your business growing exponentially with one?


While an executive coach can undoubtedly be an integral part of a team, there are some things to keep in mind regarding expectations from this role. First, while coaching and mentoring can feel like a blurred line, it is essential to remember there is a massive difference between those two titles. Your executive coach will help you realize future-oriented goals and objectives, whereas a mentor is more of a guide and stronger personal relationship. Typically a mentorship has a more experienced individual guiding a less experienced person. Coaching is very much so a partnership while two well-experienced leaders.

Coaching focuses on reaching goals and completing tasks to achieve the main accomplishment.


There are many ways your business and you, as a leader, can benefit from executive coaching. Allowing an unbiased third party to evaluate and make suggestions for your company can lead to growth and becoming unstuck from a plateau. The Shift Spot is a unique community of coaches and business owners that can help you take your business and personal life to the next level. So if you're ready to make a shift, contact us today.