It's one of the most common struggles business owners face: finding balance. Being pulled in many different directions in your personal and professional life, knowing there is so much to get done at work but feeling like you've neglected things outside of your career that you love. Wishing there was more time in the day or carbon copies of yourself so you could be in multiple places simultaneously.


While balance may seem out of reach, right now, it is attainable. The Shift Spot is here to help alleviate some of those burnout feelings you've come to know as the norm. So let's chat about how balance can be achieved and how we can help.


Work-life balance, by definition, is giving the same amount of priority to the demands of your personal life that you do to your professional life. As a result, neither work nor personal matters interfere with one another, and you have found a balance of making them co-exist cohesively. Sounds impossible? It isn't! There are ways to ensure you find this balance too. 


Burn Out

If you feel burnt out, like you're taking on too many tasks or feeling disconnected from life outside of work, this can be a major indication of burnout. Because burnout is a feeling of doing it all and not having time to decompress, so there is a major imbalance.


Mental Health

Your mental health flourishes when you take time for the things you love. On the other hand, when you don't have a proper work-life balance, you may notice your mental health decline. Constantly working and being unable to keep up can take a toll in all areas of life. 


Blurred Lines

Now that it's common to work from home, it's even more common to have set boundaries when it comes to working. Finding it hard to shut your work off for the day because your office is right in your home is something a lot of business owners and professionals need help with.


Feeling Unmotivated

Feeling unmotivated is another indication of work-life imbalance. When your time is split equally between your professional and personal life, you remain motivated and encouraged by your career. However, only focusing on work can leave you feeling unmotivated and like you hate your job, building resentment and losing sight of your "why."


While it may seem obvious to remain motivated in your career, be mentally healthy, and reduce the feeling of burnout, work-life balance is crucial to achieve. Unfortunately, more and more professionals find themselves struggling to find a proper balance. Still, with strict boundaries and a strong sense of how important balance is to who you are as a person and professional, it is achievable. 


Like anything else, the earlier you recognize you're experiencing a significant imbalance, the better it will be to correct it. Here are some tips on what to do if you recognize some signs of imbalance and want to correct them:


Prioritizing and Time Management

When you don't have a proper balance, your time is not well spent, and everything may feel like it is of the greatest importance and needs to be done TODAY. While prioritizing your tasks is good, best practices state you shouldn't prioritize ALL your tasks. Some tasks need to be done right away, and others can, in fact, wait. Using your time and energy on the things that need to get done first allows you to focus on them, complete them entirely and correctly, then move on to the next tasks. Be realistic about your time management to avoid overpromising and underdelivering.

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be very difficult in your personal or professional life, but it is necessary to achieve balance in both aspects. Know you have a specific work schedule, and when it's time for your work to be done for the day, make sure it is done. Holding yourself accountable to these boundaries is crucial in successful balance. Move on to something that makes you feel fulfilled outside your career, and know it's just as important to do those things as it is to work hard.

Taking Breaks and Relaxing

It's often said that it will take it for you if you don't give your body a break. Resting and relaxing is your body's way to reset and recharge while overcoming burnout. If you aren't taking any breaks to calm your mind and body, you're more prone to burnout and health issues, which will set you even further back. Learn to rest and know whatever you need to get done can get done when you are finished recharging.

Learning to Say "No"

It can be hard to say no to opportunities, but it is a necessary part of balance. You cannot be everything to everyone, and learning to say no to things that don't serve you is a perfect place to start. Finding balance means being strategic with your time, so you cannot say yes to everyone and find balance.

Building a Support System

Find a strong, trusted support system. A community like The Shift Spot is the perfect place to meet like-minded business owners, have access to experts for their insight and advice and not feel alone. Beyond professional communities, make time for your friends and family. Allow them to support you in and outside of your business. It doesn't have to feel lonely at the top.

Mastering Outsourcing

Outsourcing, or delegating, is a great way to reduce stress and take some items off your plate. There are well-qualified contractors, freelancers, and even internal employees who can take some of the tasks you feel you have to do and see them to completion. Just because you are outsourcing or delegating doesn't mean you can't see projects in every step of their progress. You will free up some of your own time and be able to prioritize better.


Work-life balance may seem unachievable, but with some boundaries, a desire to better your work and personal life, and the right tools, it is something everyone can experience. The Shift Spot is here to help burnt-out business owners find balance and enjoy their lives and businesses again. So if you're ready to take the next step toward balance, we are ready for you.