Over the past couple of years, a considerable shift has been made in the management/team relationship sphere. Old management styles like micromanagement have proven themselves unsuccessful. The best way to increase productivity within your team is now to empower them and allow them to take charge of their tasks, time management, and processes. 

With empowerment in and micromanagement out, it's time to take a hard look at just how beneficial it can be to cheer your team on openly.


Beyond allowing your team to feel as though you trust them, empowering your team is essential and can improve many parts of your business. When employees feel empowered or trusted to do what they were hired to do, work gets accomplished. A team member who feels empowered wants to do well for the company they work for and wants to achieve the goals and tasks they've been given.

Empowering your team is essential to your company's thriving.


It may seem easy to empower your team, but there are many ways to go about it. Let's take a look at some of the best practices when it comes to empowering your team:

Clarify Vision And Roles

Allow your employees to know their role and exactly what the vision for that role is. When the leadership team and the employees are clear on what needs to be done and who is to do it, everyone feels more confident. 

Encourage Self-Improvement

Your company wouldn't run without its employees. Allowing your staff to better themselves with training, attending industry conferences, or even compensating them for relative certificates/educational programs can really show them you are invested and appreciate them. Building their self-improvement will develop their confidence in themselves as employees and in you as a company.

Promote Cross-Team Collaboration

Opening the door to collaboration creates a sense of community within your walls. When teams feel comfortable bouncing ideas off one another and asking for help, action items get accomplished quicker, and everyone feels better about showing up and doing their job daily.

Challenge Them To Think Outside Of The Box

Let your team get creative. Giving staff the freedom to think outside the box can bring solutions and ideas that may not have been brought up otherwise. Empowering your team to trust their opinions and apply said opinions to their tasks can make them feel confident and excited about work. 

Build Trust And Open Communication

The company will flourish when employees trust their leadership team and know there is open communication. Knowing that the whole staff, from management to entry-level roles, can openly voice opinions and concerns will create an idyllic atmosphere where people enjoy working. A team that is happy to come to work and dedication to their jobs will increase productivity tenfold. 

Give Your Team Autonomy

No one likes to feel babysat as an adult, and it can be incredibly demotivating to feel untrusted at work. You have hired these individuals to do a job, and you need to trust that they can get it done without you hovering. Allowing them to manage their days and get tasks done at a realistic pace that works for them will increase the work's efficiency and quality. 

Give Constructive Feedback

Constructively giving feedback is an integral part of empowering your team. Being constructive makes your employees feel less anxious about messing up or bringing their discrepancies to the leadership team. In addition, creating a place where your staff is allowed to correct their errors will, in the end, result in fewer errors.

Make Sure They Have Every Tool To Succeed

Making your staff feel supported with resources and tools can make all the difference in successfully doing their jobs. When your team feels they have every means necessary to get the job done, they accomplish their tasks well. 

Recognize Hard Work

Even the most minor "wins" should be celebrated. Making your employees feel appreciated and their hard work noticed will make you a better leader and make your team want to work harder for you.


While empowering can come in the form of policies and behavior, it's also a great idea to empower your team through activities. 

Blue Sky Brainstorming Sessions

Blue Sky brainstorming allows your team to brainstorm all kinds of creative ideas without practical restraints. The sky is the limit! Allowing your team this creative freedom can result in some great ideas and confidence in your team to always bring their ideas to the table.

Brain Teasers To Spark Creativity

A creative team can help grow your company. Having your team work together to use their logic and problem-solving skills keeps them thinking about different ways to resolve issues, get past rough patches in their work, and keep your company moving forward.

Leadership Training Workshops

Knowing how to be an effective leader doesn't come naturally. Investing in your leadership team's education is the best way for them to lead well. 


You wouldn't be where you are in your success if it weren't for the team you've built. Trust them to do what they're good at, communicate frequently and constructively, and prove that you want to invest in them, and your business will flourish. Empowering them will empower you. If you'd benefit from hearing how others empower their team or need ideas regarding team empowerment, join our Shift Spot Community.